The Head office, the General Secretariat, the Regional Networks, the Research and Development unit and the Permanent Representations are located either in Paris, Brussels or Geneva.


  • Alessandra Aula, General Secretary
  • Christophe de Cugnac, programs and projects manager
  • Sandrine Tiffreau, communication and fundraising manager


  • Carmen Serrano, Special adviser of the General Secretary for develpement of BICE's network
  • Lucia Ramirez-Palmer, management assistant - members office

Network for Africa

  • Claire Douchet, manager
  • Annick Délépine, program manager

Network for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Carmen Serrano, manager

Network for Asia

  • Sophy Sœur, manager

Network for Europe-CIS

  • Amélie Cook, manager

Program to promote welfare and to fight against child abuse

  • Amélie Cook, coordinator
  • Anne-Laure François, program manager
  • Diana Filatova, program manager

Program Juvenile Justice

  • Laurence Mourier, coordinator
  • Anne-Laure François, program manager

Financial resources for programs and projects

  • David Durnez, management auditor for programs and projects
  • Laurence Mourier, head of fundraising for programs and projects


  • Yao Agbetse, coordinator

Research and Development Unit

  • Stefan Vanistendael, manager

Communication and donors relationships

  • Margot Berg, webmaster
  • Adriano Leite, communication manager
  • Isabelle Mourot, communication and donors relationships manager
  • Sarah Perrin, communication manager


  • Habiba Horchi, accountant Paris
  • Ariane van Wassenhove, accountant Brussels

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