Created in 1948, BICE is an international catholic network of organisations engaged in the promotion and protection of the children’s rights and of their dignity. A French non-profit association, BICE is present in 66 countries on 4 different continents through its member organisations and its partners.

BICE also enjoys a special status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and it takes an active part in the Human Rights Council and the Comitee on the Rights of a Child. Our organisation is also acknowledged by the Holy See

Our mission

Our association operates within a Christian perspective. Our objective being the integral development of all children, we do our very best to promote children’s dignity and enforce their rights, that are still too often violated.In this respect, BICE relies on the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) that it contributed to draft and which application it supports.

Our principles

In its approach to children’s rights, BICE links resilience and spiritual growth. Our guidelines mainly include:

Children are actors of their own development,the only way to ensure long-term benefits to our actions.

Our range of actions

Action in the field with children in difficulties

Around the world, the abandonment abuse, physical and sexual violence, exploitation for work, poverty, discrimination and exclusion make children and adolescents vulnerable and deprive them from their fundamental rights. It is to fight against these situations of distress that in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), BICE, along with its members and its partners implement long-term programs that address thousands of children. Learn more about our field projects »

International advocacy

BICE’s mission is guided by the need to create or amplify connections between the organisations working in the field and the United Nations human rights protection system. We aim at developing a mobilisation that can bring on in-depth changes in favour of children’s rights. Read more about our advocacy initiatives »

Reflection and research on childhood

BICE’s Research and Development unit works on the resilience process and its relationships with child rights and spirituality. Throughout studies, seminars and training sessions, innovative frameworks are largely broadcasted. Learn more about our research activities »


Our organisation offers training programs on child rights, on the right to education, on human rights education and on resilience. These sessions are designed for member organisations and specialized audiences. Learn more about BICE’s training sessions »

Public awareness

BICE regularly organizes public events, such as international Congresses:

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