The project

In Africa, the legal framework is mainly guided by repression, leading to a justice system totally unfit for minors and their environment of extreme poverty, many school drop outs, a lack of support of education from the States, a loss of landmarks in society etc. Children in conflict with the law, because of the judiciary procedures in place, do not benefit from a second chance through education and training, although many studies have proved these methods are a lot more efficient to avoid second offences.

Confronted to the lack of alternative centres to imprisonment, all arrested, convicted and condemned children in Mali are placed in the Bollé centre (detention and re-education centre).

Our project is designed on three simultaneous levels: supporting minors in detention, increasing public awareness to the respect of children’s rights and initiating advocacy actions with Mali’s juvenile justice authorities for a better implementation of the law. Moreover, the BICE team in Mali is in charge of training federal employees on the application of children’s laws.

The activities

  • Encourage children’s placement in the Ségou and Sikasso protection centres instead of detention centres by Court members, where they can benefit from psychosocial support, pre professional training and family reintegration,
  • Bring legal and judiciary help to arrested and detained minors,
  • Watch out day to day to the separation between minors and adults in police stations,
  • Prepare and facilitate family and professional reintegration,
  • Train federal agents to restorative juvenile justice,
  • Increase public awareness in partnership with the medias,
  • Encourage the adaptation and management of children by their family and their community,
  • Create and run welcome kiosks in the car stations to easily initiate contact with children living in difficult conditions,
  • Restore the minors’ quarters of the Sikasso prison.

Key figures

  • 200 children in conflict with the law or deprived from liberty are supported by BICE every year. BICE also provides for their parents/tutors’ support.
  • Close to 200 State officers, policemen, Court members, prison watchmen and social workers are trained every year to a better protection of children’s rights.

Congress final declaration on juvenile justice (Paris, june 2013)

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